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Baton SOSseeks an integrated device that is both responsible for people's pre- and post-safety
Rapid and accurate post-measure measures
The device's accurate assessment of an accident is the most important factor in incident response.
Its own algorithm can detect accidents before a crash, and continuous testing allows the device to make more accurate judgments.
Our devices also evolve over time because we accumulate data on our own servers and constantly update the firmware so that the devices can learn on their own through the data.
The essence of safety is accident prevention
We want to ensure the safety of the passengers while driving.
Pre-accidental Prevention That's what we're ultimately trying to achieve with Baton SOS.
- Cultivate safe driving habits
- Raise driver's
I want to provide you with a standard for safe driving.
By accumulating driver's driving data, the company will create a system to check and manage its own driving habits through the app.
Until the day the casualties on the road disappear...
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