Do you know how many people are in danger of being killed in a traffic accident by missing Golden Time?
Even at this moment, many people are in car accidents, missing the Golden Time rescue and end up losing their lives
It is important to secure a golden time so that one minute and one second will be a victim for a major traffic accident.
If you miss the golden hour of rescue, the life of the victim may be threatened or impaired.
However, traffic accidents occur on roads and night areas where traffic is low, and reports may be delayed and you may miss Golden Time.
Key to Problem Solving:
Is there any device that can make an emergency
rescue request without an accident report

Baton SOS "is a smart device for automobile that requests the emergency structure by recognizing the accident itself.
If the device recognizes the incident, it sends the correct location and emergency rescue request message to the 119 Emergency Center within 30 seconds via the user's smartphone.
Rope Co., Ltd., through Baton SOS, aims to prevent patients from suffering more damage by missing Golden Time.
Make a habit of safe driving
  • ● Please download and install 'Baton SOS' APP in 'Google Play Store' for Android, and 'App Store' for IOS devices.
  • ● Activate (turn on) 'Bluetooth' and 'GPS' on your smartphone.
  • ● Please select a non-life insurance company, insurance coverage date after APP execution.
  • ● Connect the device after turning on the device power.
  • ● After device connection is completed, close the window and please re-execute "BATON SOS" APP