Product Introduction|How to Use APP

Device-mounted sensors detect the accident on their own and automatically report the accident to 119 within 30 seconds via SMS
It is almost impossible for the casualty to report an accident in the event of a life-threatening accident.
In the event of an emergency accident, prompt initial treatment is essential, and prompt response must be made so
that immediate report of the accident can be received.
The Baton SOS's automated reporting system facilitates initial response, which can dramatically increase the likelihood
of survival by not missing the accident's golden time.
In case of emergency (all processes are carried out automatically) normally
Emergency report in case of an accident (ex. 911)
Send incident information to all registered contacts in App
Also the location information
Direct call by insurer (longer than 3 seconds)
911 calls (short three times in a row)
Cancel SOS (short once)
This product is designed to protect the driver and passengers from serious accidents such as rollover, collision, or unconsciousness.
This device is designed so that devices can detect accidents themselves and request rescue.
Recognizing that people are embarrassed by minor contact accidents other than emergency situations and cannot cope with accidents,
the above situation is also important. It also added a function to call insurance companies and 119 more easily.
How it works
Device description