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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Where can I attach the product to my vehicle?
The baton SOS is a big data of the rotation axis and the slope value of the vehicle when an accident occurs, and recognizes the accident through the change value. Please attach as much as possible to the driver's hand such as the dashboard.
Q. Device is not displayed in device connection window after installing Baton SOS app How do you do it?
After installing the app, you should select 'Allow' for all pop-up messages at startup.
If you do not have GPS permission (OFF) for Android phone, device is not displayed not.
Phone Settings -> Application Manager -> Baton SOS -> Permission -> Location Check whether it is ON (ON).
When Bluetooth is not displayed even when GPS and GPS are ON Please restart your phone and try again
Q. How do I attach the number to the security number sticker attached to the product?
Security number sticker '8888' to the blank part of the sticker for the phone number After attaching,
remove the unnecessary parts with a knife and make the desired number You can use it.
Q. Do I have to turn on the "Baton SOS" app all the time?
The 'Baton SOS' device works in conjunction with the Baton SOS app, so when used Be sure to run the Baton SOS app.